What Hunters Heroes Is Trying To Accomplish

Hunters Heroes Adventures

What Hunters Heroes Is Trying To Accomplish

Hunters Heroes Adventures was developed to help children by creating superheroes with current and relevant issues such as food intolerances, bullying, and peer pressure. Hunters Heroes aims to educate, motivate, and support children by adding the missing link in our society; with 7 different characters with different personalities; children can personally relate to an individual or several fictitious superheroes. Superheroes are Awesome, especially some of the most famous, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, and Hawkgirl. These are just a few of the best.

What Hunters Heroes is trying to do is to create superheroes in which people and children can personally relate to the superheroes alter ego. The issues and conflicts Hunters Heroes characters will encounter are current events/issues people face daily. For example, Hunter Heart has Celiac disease which has affected both is physical and mental health. Food intolerances obviously have physical effects, but what is often overlooked is the emotional impact of attending a birthday party where a child must explain to adults and other children why they cannot eat the birthday cake.

Hunters Heroes aims to increase awareness of food intolerances, an active lifestyle, and the importance of teamwork. To accomplish this, Hunters Heroes has developed a series of children’s books “Hunters Heroes Adventures” to support individuals’ differences through team building adventures. Like the Dr. Seuss series and The Magic School Bus, Hunters Heroes provides a learning platform to teach complex situations through simple, fun, and educational animations via print books, ebooks, short videos, and educational games. Our goal is to help children feel Happy, Excited, and Excepted.

The HEALTHEEHEART F.A.R.T. Blog (Food Allergy Revolution Time) is Hunter Heart and Katie Kale sharing their cooking adventures through fun videos to the residents of Fruggie City. Fruggie City is a magical place where fruit, vegetables and all sorts of food live and go to school together with people in a community.

Road To Blubious is a great adventure that marks the start of the Hunters Heroes Adventures series, a new generation of children’s learning and adventure books. Stay tuned for more fun adventures with Hunters Heroes Adventures.

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