Evil Breadman

Evil Breadman Hunters Heroes healtheeheart
A product of an experiment gone terribly wrong, Evil Breadman is jealous of his allergy-free twin brother Inbreadicle Man and his conquest of allergy-free food. Evil Breadman has superpowers equal to Inbreadicle Man but lacks the physical strength to actually fight against Inbreadicle Man. Fueled by anger; Evil Breadman tries to stop all of Inbreadicle Mans’ good deeds. As the leader of The Free Radicals and with complete control over Ernie Einstein, Evil Breadman uses Ernie to create a band of food thugs called The Free Radicals.

Chip - A chip from Evil Breadman that was ripped out during the magical explosion becomes more evil. Driven by anger, Chip makes rash decisions.

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