Freddy Fruits

Freddy Fruits  Hunters  Heroes healtheeheart
Freddy Fruits  Hunters  Heroes healtheeheart
Freddy Fruits aka Frequent Flyer - Air Commander of Hunters Heroes
Food Allergy: Peanuts
Power - Vitamin D / Flying

Freddy Fruits aka Frequent Flyers is a high flyin’ comedian with a peanut allergy that does not tickle his funny bone. Freddy’s father is a famous basketball star. Along with his father’s fame, Freddy is well known for his energetic personality, thus making the Hunters Heroes adventures fun and educational. Freddy Fruits is naturally funny and has a comment for everything making him popular at school. Freddy superpower is Vitamin D and his action suit attaches to a jetpack with wings to fly above the others, shining down sun rays that can either be good or bad, depending on Freddy’s intentions.

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