Harry Heart

Harry Heart Hunters Heroes healtheeheart
Harry Heart Core Hunters Heroes healtheeheart
Harry Heart aka Core - The Muscle of Hunters Heroes – Hunter’s brother
Food Allergy: Lactose Intolerant
Power - Calcium / Superhero Strength

Harry Heart aka Core is Hunter’s older brother and an All-star athlete with a lactose deficiency but that doesn’t stop him from dominating the sporting world and the toilet. Harry is really into his muscles and is Fruggie City’s most decorated athlete, which he does not let anyone forget. Harry respects Hunter and his position as the Hunters Heroes leader; however takes his responsibility to protect Hunter very seriously and is always scared he will get hurt. Core has the strength of 9 cows from the magical powers of calcium, which is used to help the Hunters Heroes by fixing damaged action suits and counteracting the effects from fatty food attacks of Evil Breadman and The Free Radicals.

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