Hunter Heart

Hunter Heart Hunters Heroes healtheeheart
HELO Hunters  Heroes healtheeheart
Hunter Heart aka HELO - Team Leader of the Hunters Heroes
Food Allergy: Celiac Disease
Power – Probiotics

Hunter Heart aka HELO is the team leader of the Hunters Heroes and the cofounder of the Internet cooking show called, F.A.R.T. Hunter aims to bring food allergy awareness to Fruggie City by educating the community of amazing gluten and allergy-free options. He was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and had a difficult transition to a gluten-free lifestyle because of the lack of information and help from the community. With the help of the other Hunters Heroes, HELO uses the magical powers of Probiotics to power his Hunters Heroes Action Suit to reverse the effects of the unhealthy food attacks from The Free Radicals.

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