Hunters Heroes
Hunters Heroes

Hello World Hunters Heroes is Here! Hunters Heroes are a group of kids with food allergies who use action suits to create superhero like magical powers to defeat Free Radicals.

Hunter’s Heroes Themes:

Bullying – Through animation, kids see what others with food allergies go through while being bullied with ways to overcome and rise above it.

Friendship – The Hunter’s Heroes friendship will be tested through a series of mind tricks from The Free Radicals to break up the Hunter’s Heroes; however they stick together to maintain a healthy friendship and are always there for each other. The Hunter’s Heroes characters will help kids break away from being shy to make new friends.

Team Work – Working as a team is important and the Hunter’s Heroes help educate kids about working together. The Hunter’s Heroes have different personalities and work together to complete common goals.

Conflict Resolution – Not everything in life is easy and conflict free. The Hunter’s Heroes show how they overcome daily obstacles with their friends by their side, whether it be how to overcome bullying, how to maintain a healthy diet with The Free Radicals trying to poison the food or taking on a zombie army of dough people.

Cooking – Hunter creates an online cooking show called F.A.R.T. – Food Allergy Revolution Time. This helps kids see how much fun they can have in the kitchen with their parents to create fun recipes and learn their way around the kitchen. Hunter and the school chef become great friends while the chef helps Hunter create fun, new recipes, how to be safe in the kitchen, and to cook with passion not anger.

Healthy Nutrition – Nelson Newtella of the Hunter’s Heroes uses fruits and vegetables to create magical formulas to give the Hunter’s Heroes superhero powers and overcome their individual food allergies.

Acceptance – Hunter’s Heroes teaches kids to accept themselves and others for who they are regardless of age, shape, size, color, personality, or being different in any way.

Sports / Exercise – This shows how much fun playing sports can be and the benefits of playing on a team. This is also a great way to reinforce the positive aspects of physical activity to help kids stay healthy and in shape.

Positive Attitude / Self Esteem – Watching the Hunter’s Heroes is a confidence booster because kids can see and relate to situations that can help them overcome their daily struggles. When one Gluten Fighter is feeling sad or down the others are there to make him/her feel better.

Problem Solving – The Hunter’s Heroes are constantly being challenged to use their imaginations by thinking outside the box. The Free Radicals create challenges for the Hunter’s Heroes by testing their knowledge, teamwork, and patience to create solutions to solve the problems they face.

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