Inbreadicle Man

Inbreadicle Man Hunters Heroes healtheeheart
Inbreadicle Man - Leader of the GFO Food Characters
Food Allergy: All
Power - Fiber

Inbreadicle Man is the feistiest piece of gluten-free bread you or your stomach has ever tasted. With his incredible fiber he will make you GO GO GO!!! Causing The Free Radicals to HIDE HIDE HIDE!!! As the first to try to help the gluten-free and allergy-free community he became a local hero to some by trying to rid Fruggie City of Evil Breadman and Zamrich Sandwich’s evil corruption. Inbreadicle Man naturally has magical powers and teams up with the Hunter’s Heroes, however as a lone superhero for so long it is difficult for him to understand how to work as a team. Inbreadicle Man learns to use his abilities to beat The Free Radicals while effectively organizing and leading the Healthy Food Brigade. Inbreadicle Man looks up to Hunter because of his ability to lead others and Hunter looks up to Inbreadicle Man because he is a superhero.

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