Katie Kale

Katie Kale Hunters Heroes healtheeheart
Kwando Hunters Heroes healtheeheart
Katie Kale aka Kwando - Ground Leader of Hunters Heroes
Food Allergy: Gluten Intolerance
Power – Antioxidants

Katie Kale aka Kwando is practicing her amazing kicks to defeat The Free Radicals and their evil shenanigans. Katie Kale may look sweet, innocent, and is gluten intolerant, but don’t let her cute looks fool you because Kwando has the power of antioxidants to keep the Hunters Heroes healthy from germ attacks. Katie is extremely educated, cultured and knowledgeable of different languages, and has a host of talents. Kwando becomes a voicetress and confident leader to help the Hunters Heroes overcome a series of conflicts between The Free Radicals & the Hunters Heroes.

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