Nelson Newtella

Nelson Newtella Hunters Heroes healtheeheart
Nelson Newtella aka Wifi - Actions Suit and Gadget Creator
Food Allergy: Eggs / Diabetic
Power – Thirst for Knowledge

Nelson Newtella aka Wifi is allergic to eggs and is a diabetic who has been building a secret lair under the neighborhood throughout his childhood to create the ultimate Hunters Heroes Kid Cave! Nelson Newtella is Australian with a koala (Lala) and a joey kangaroo (Joey) as fun pets he brought with him to Fruggie City. Nelson has an extreme knowledge of technology so he spends his time building cool and unique gadgets to make life easier. He uses his brain rather than his muscles to figure out a ways to use nutrients as the source of power to operate the Hunters Heroes Action Suits. During adventures, Nelson Newtella directs communications from the comfort and safety of the Hunters Heroes Kid Cave. His power is the ability to plan and direct multiple people & activities simultaneously.

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