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Hunters Heroes Road To Blbubious
Hunters Heroes Road To Blbubious

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Hunters Heroes Road To Blbubious

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The HEALTHEEHEART F.A.R.T. (Food Allergy Revolution Time) Blog is Hunter and Katie sharing their cooking adventures through fun videos to the residents of Fruggie City. Fruggie City is a magical place where fruit, vegetables and all sorts of food live and go to school together with people in a community.

Road To Blubious is a great adventure that marks the start of the Hunters Heroes Adventures series, a new generation of children’s learning and adventure books. Like Dr. Seuss and Magic School Bus, Hunters Heroes Adventures provides a learning platform designed to entertain and inform children through super heroes with current / relevant issues such as, food allergies, bullying, and peer pressure. Stay tuned for more fun adventures with Hunters Heroes Adventures.

Road To Blubious is an Hunters Heroes Adventure to a land of Blueberries (Blubious) for a healthee antioxidant juice to help save their community (Fruggie City) from the Free Radicals. A secret potion is created by the evil food corporation (Zamrich Zandwiches) to make the citizens of Fruggie City crave nothing but Zamrich Zandwiches. Join Hunters Heroes on an epic journey that is fun and educational.


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